Today I want to talk about one of my all time favourite topics….Shoes! 🙂

There are lots of different types of shoes available…there are high heels, flip flops, men’s shoes, ladies boots, wellington boots, pumps, wedges, flippers, trainers…the list goes on and on.

The thing with shoes is that not every type of shoe is right for every person.

For example I had a friend at university who had a seemingly limitless array of different types of trainers. I personally have two, one proper pair for running and a pair that are comfortable but have a little bling on for when I feel like being casual but still a little feminine. I know other people who don’t have any.

Likewise I have quite a collection of high heels (don’t ask me how many I have…I’ve never wanted to count them!). My trainer friend had one…for when she absolutely, positively, couldn’t in any way get away with wearing trainers (like at a formal ball). Again, I know other people who have none.

Personally I have a strong aversion to Crocs…I’ve heard that they are very comfortable, but they just don’t fit with my personal style. I know some people who wear them all the time.

Not all shoes are right for all people.

In addition, even shoes that are right for someone aren’t necessarily right for them at all times and in all situations.

For example, if you’re going to be digging in the garden, I highly doubt that you’ll be wanting to do it in a pair of stiletto heels….even if at other times they would be your shoes of choice.

Likewise if you’re heading to the beach it’s unlikely that you’re going to be wanting to take your wellington boots with you. But if it was time to roll your sleeves up for a muddy afternoon sorting out the garden, they’d be the first shoes you’d reach for.

So as interesting as this is, why am I talking about different types of shoes?

Well, the reason is that in the same way as not all shoes are right for all people, and not all shoes that are right for a person are right in every situation…the same is true for approaches to life…and femininity.

Not all approaches to life and femininity are right for everyone….and even those which are right for everyone aren’t necessarily right at every point in time.

So if there is something that pops up in the newsletter or blog which you think “I’m not sure that’s quite right for me at the moment” that’s absolutely fine!

If it’s not the right fit then just leave it where it is for now.

You never know, there may be a point in the future when you decide that you’d like to come back to it and re-visit it.

…and if that doesn’t happen, that’s absolutely fine as well.

This is YOUR journey. You need to find the information and advice that’s right for you…to help you embrace being the beautiful authentic woman you are….and to celebrate it!

If something doesn’t fit right…it might just be that you’re trying to do the garden in stilettos or that you’re a high heels girl trying to make Crocs fit your personal style.

Find the shoes, and the approaches to femininity, that are right for where you are in your life right now…and then enjoy them!

So, what shoes are right for YOU right now…?

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

Pink High Heels

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