Have you ever felt like you’re wearing someone else’s underwear?

Someone else's underwearAs you may know, recently I got back from an incredible trip to the US…and during that trip a lot shifted for me.

I did a lot of work on myself, created some incredible new content, learned a lot and made some very exciting shifts.  In short, while I was gone I changed.  A lot.

When I got back from my trip, having taken some time to readjust to the current time zone and catch up with some of my favourite people I realised that something didn’t feel right.

While I’d been away it felt like I’d changed, transformed, expanded…and coming home to the same space that I’d been in before I left felt….strange.

It felt like someone else’s space, like I didn’t quite fit…or actually more like it didn’t fit me.

Have you ever felt that way?  That you’ve changed so much as a person that the things that felt comfortable before the change…felt uncomfortable afterwards?

I don’t know what your experience was, but for me it felt like wearing someone else’s underwear…

No matter how clean or how good the fit…you know that it isn’t yours!

…and it just doesn’t feel right.

I realised that I had shifted so much while I’d been away, that I actually needed to shift my physical space as well.

So I became a woman on a mission.

With the exception of the furniture I wanted to move everything.

Every single item in my bedroom, every single item in my office.

The two spaces that are most important to me…the one where I relax and recharge…and the one where I create.

I knew it all had to move.

Even if the items then went back into the same space again (which for the most part they didn’t)…I knew I needed to move it.

I needed to shift the energy of the space.

I wanted to shake everything up, move everything about and create a space that felt right for the new me.

So that’s what I did.

Everything came out of the cupboards…everything came off the shelves…everything came out of the drawers…even the items on top of the sides moved.

I sorted, shuffled and stored…anything that I wasn’t going to need on a regular basis got stored away so that it wasn’t taking up space.

As I went through the piles of ‘stuff’ I have accumulated it was clear that a lot of it wasn’t actually needed anymore…and was just taking up room.  So bags of things were packed lovingly to be taken down to my local charity…where it will actually help to do some good.

I ended up with bags of recycling and bags of rubbish…all of which had just been cluttering up my space.

When the job was finished, I felt amazing.  It felt like my space again.  Clear, clean and ready for what I’m going to create next.

Now the reason that I became aware that I wanted to do this was that I’d been out the space for a while and had come back to it having made quite a few significant changes.  So for me, the need to have a clear out was obvious.

But it occurred to me today that we’re all changing all the time…and if those changes happen slowly, over time, then we don’t necessarily notice them as much.

…and as a result we might not notice the need to change our space to fit with the person we’ve become.

So today I want to ask you a question – does your space ‘fit’ with who you are?

…and if it doesn’t, here are 7 steps to the ultimate clear out, to help you to create a space which can become your haven…

7 Steps to the ultimate clear out

  1. Move everything:  Even if it goes back to the place that you move it out of, move it, clean it, clean the space and then put it where you want it to be.
  2. Be ruthless: When you go through putting things back, decide what you really need, and what you really want to keep and get rid of the rest.  Give it to charity, recycle it, if there’s not other choice then throw it away…but clear what you no longer need out of your space…it will create room for new things that are in line with the new you!
  3. Look with new eyes: The chances are that you put everything where it was for a reason…but that was probably a long time ago!  When you put something back think about it.  Is that the best place for it?  How do you use it?  Where could be better?  Create the space that works for you as you are now.
  4. Allow yourself time: It’s so easy to get into the ‘this all has to be done NOW’ mentality…but to really do this properly allow yourself the time to go through it thoroughly.  It’s taken me well over a week to complete this process and if I’d done it in a day it wouldn’t feel like I’d done it justice!
  5. Clear out mentally: Clear your head out as well as your space…if you’ve been carrying around a big to-do list or just ideas of things you’d like to do for a long time…now is the time to get a big notepad and pen and download it all to save your head from having to do all the hard work!
  6. Clear out virtually: Cluttered space can happen as much in our virtual world as it can in our physical one…so take the time to also have a virtual clear out…look at emails, files, internet favourites…whatever it is that by clearing, organising and clearing will make you feel more grounded, relaxed and centred.
  7. Add for effect: Are there new things you would like to put into the space?  Something that resonates with you, or just makes you feel good?  A favourite for me is a plant…something living and green to make the place feel like is has a bit of nature in it.

There really is nothing like feeling that a space is ‘yours’, like you belong, like you feel at home.

Like slipping into a favourite set of your own sexy undies…it just makes you feel great.

So this week I invite you to clear out your space…and to create the space that fits with YOU.

Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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