lets ask the men

Time to ask the boys…

lets ask the menWell it seems that I might have put the cat amongst the pigeons a couple of weeks ago by asking the women what they thought about Femininity but not asking the men…

My first thought when the guys pointed this out was that the reason for the first survey was to ensure that the content of the coming blog posts are relevant to the ladies around the world that will be reading them…

Now don’t tell them that I said this, but I really wasn’t sure that we really needed any input from the men (at this point). BUT, I have to admit, the more that I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that getting the male perspective on femininity (and by extension masculinity) will be very interesting for both me and you ladies who are following the blog.

So, thanks go out to the guys who have given me a cheeky nudge to let them have their say…I think that getting both sides of the story at this stage is a GREAT idea! 😀

I’ve put together some questions below for the guys to respond to and I would like to ask you to please pass these on to any men you know to get their honest opinions. Tell them it will take just a few minutes to complete, that all answers will be completely confidential, and that they will have my unending gratitude for helping us out!

Stay Fabulous! X

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