To shave or not to shave…that is the question…

Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stI remember a couple of years ago opening up the newspaper one morning and seeing a quite extraordinary debate playing out.  To shave or not to shave.

There were two women arguing the case for the two options…both vehemently defending their side and explaining why their way is ‘the right way’.

…and then a while ago someone asked me the question, which is more feminine…clean shaven, or the natural look?

Well to me there was only one answer.  Watch the video to see my answer:

…and for me personally my preferences are different depending on what region of the body we’re speaking about…silky smooth for some, more natural for others – so it doesn’t have to be definitively one or the other.

It’s so important to shift the focus from what’s happening on the outside to what’s happening on the inside…as that’s what counts when it comes to femininity.

So what do you think?  To shave, or not to shave…which is more feminine for you?

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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  1. Louisa Higgins
    Louisa Higgins says:

    Love the way you say “if feeling natural makes you feel feminine – hey lets be honest … The question should say DOES FEELING HAIRY N FUR-LIKE feel feminine- which I bet 99% of women would agree DOES NOT make a women feel or even look let alone touch in a feminine way! Plus in my opinion it comes down to pride n being groomed … Which is FEMININE! Ask a little girl what looks “prettier”!!? Even she will answer that hairy ain’t as nice as hairless n silky to touch or kiss!! Yes I agree about the fact that its about what one feels like on the inside but like it of not everyone judges to a certain extent by the OUTSIDE appearance – hairy legs – crutch n armpits too!! LOL!! Keep up the great links – have followed u for over a year now- well done!!

    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Hey Louisa,

      Thanks for your comment, though I have to say that I disagree. For me, having silky smooth legs feels very feminine…but I do know many women who definitely *feel* more feminine being natural with no hair removal…and if they shaved would feel itchy and ‘unfeminine’!

      Hence the reason I think it’s so important for women to do what is right for them…and for us to all be able to share our respective opinions! 🙂

      Thanks so much for the words of encouragement…it’s great to know I’v got such great support! x


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