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7 replies
  1. Karen Palmer
    Buy Ambien Online Prescription says:

    The legacy I hope to leave is that I brought joy light love and peace to pets and people in my life by being completely mindful and present. I feel honored to have created the life and business I have my life is about spreading joy and happiness through lessons I learn from my greatest spiritual teachers : animals !!!

    Buy Ambien Online Usa
  2. shivie
    Cheap Ambien says:

    Thank you for sharing Clair. Since my won brush with death I too realized that there was more to life than what we accumulate, it is about the footprint we leav ein others hearts. life is precious and one day we will each draw our last breath, That day remains unknown and all we have is NOW.

    This was further reinforced when I lost my dad in January, suddenly and only 70 years old. He leaves my mum who is only 63 and very fit (and now very sad, after all she married him at 19 and lived her whole adult life building a business and family with him).

    And now Teal, what a blessing her life has been , even to those of us who did not have the time to get to know her earthly Spirit, today even though she is not here, along with the others that have passed, yet they still us. Their legacy lives on, and that is what we should each aspire to.

    Food for thought indeed.

    Buy Ambien Europe
  3. Jessica Libbey
    Get Ambien Prescription Online says:

    This is beautiful, Claire. Thank you for sharing and for posing the question. What a powerful question it is. For me, I want to inspire others to embrace all of themselves, to be willing to be vulnerable in sharing their truth, and to open up their hearts and connect on a deeper, more intimate level with the people in our lives. I want to embody true authentic relating and loving, heart connection, as the way to feeling fully empowered, happy and fulfilled in life.

    Get Ambien Online
  4. Cath Turnbull
    Cath Turnbull says:

    Claire lovely article, much of this reflects some of the lessons in life that I learnt going through the earthquakes here in Christchurch. It reiterates my thinking at the time and to live life in your own flow – and not worry too much what others think. In the end it is your actions in line with your own compass that matter.
    I’m unsure as yet what my legacy may be, although I have had people say that they find some of the things I tackle inspirational, which always surprises me. I’ll certainly leave behind a large box of dress up gear to anyone who wants it from all the fun parties I’ve thrown!

    Ordering Ambien Online
    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Thank you Cath, I couldn’t agree more with you…your actions being in line with your own compass is so important. The great thing is that you don’t need to know yet what your legacy will be…being the best you that you can be is a great start…and I love the idea of you leaving all your dress up gear so that more fun parties can be had by others!! Xx

      Ordering Ambien Online Safely

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