Would you like to know how to just let it all out?

Let it outWe all know that life has its ups and downs, it’s stresses and strains at times, it’s highs and lows….that’s what makes it interesting!

Sometimes though, us ladies can get caught up with this idea that we need to be perfect, and that no matter what happens that we need to stay in control.

Especially at times like these,  its important to remember that perfection is an illusion…as is control.

We see in magazines and on television all about how to have the perfect body, the perfect relationship, the perfect home, the perfect career, the perfect life!

But what is perfection?!  It’s all subjective.  …and if you’re anything like me you appreciate something that is perfectly imperfect.

Life needs to have its downs otherwise you wouldn’t appreciate the ups as much!

As for control, well control is also an illusion.  The only thing that we can control in life is what we say and do and how we react to situations.

…and herein lies the problem.

Sometimes, in order to try and keep ‘control’, we ladies insist on controlling our emotions.   A situation comes up which upsets us, disappoints us, or makes us angry, and in order to feel like we’re ‘in control’ we hang on tight to our feelings and either bury them, distract ourselves from them or cover them up.

The downside of this is that these feelings don’t go away, they just end up staying there, inside us, eating us up and sometimes causing us other problems (like affecting our health) until such time as our guard is down, when they have a bad habit of bubbling back up to the surface and catching us unawares.

So I hear you asking, “How else do I deal with it?”

Great question.

Well, as we’ve discussed previously the best way to deal with negative emotions is to allow yourself to feel them…because it’s only when you’ve felt them completely and totally that you are able to release them and let them go.

But we’re feminine women!  We’re not supposed to shout or scream or get upset are we?

I say, “Why not?!”

Passion and emotional connectedness are fundamental parts of femininity…if we don’t allow ourselves to embrace these aspects fully, then we don’t allow ourselves to embrace our femininity fully either.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting for a second that you start shouting and screaming the moment that something irks you slightly…but I am suggesting that you allow yourself to “Let it out” when something is bubbling under the surface.

…and letting it out doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

There are so many ways that you can release those emotions in a way that will help you to feel better, and not scare the living daylights out of anyone nearby!

A couple of weeks ago, a large group of friends all got together for a friend’s 35th birthday in London, where we went for dinner and dancing at a Greek restaurant.

Plate Smashing

Plate Smashing!

Now, if you’re not aware already…the Greeks have a tradition which is a fantastic way to ‘let out’ any stress you might be experiencing in a fun way – plate smashing!

At the end of the meal they play some traditional Greek music and everyone is invited to take some plates and smash them on the floor.  It’s great fun, doesn’t cost very much money and is a fantastic way of ‘letting out’ any emotion you might be hanging on to.

…and plate smashing isn’t your only option…Smashed Plates

Here’s a list of 10 ways to ‘let it out’ which will make you feel better…and some which might even make you smile too:

  1. Sing along to a fitting song at the top of your voice (being in-tune is optional) – some song suggestions are: “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson, “So What” by Pink and “Ready to Go” by Republica.
  2. Have a good cry.
  3. Go running…run as far as you can as fast as you can.
  4. Take it out on a pillow.
  5. Pull faces at yourself in the mirror.
  6. Find somewhere remote and shout it out at the top of your lungs.
  7. Take up kickboxing.
  8. Dance around like a 4 year old.
  9. Write down everything you’re feeling and then tear the paper up into tiny pieces.
  10. Take up Krumping (a dance style created in LA to give kids an alternative to gang-life and to help them to release their anger in a positive and non-violent way)

…or come up with your own – this is a great opportunity to get creative and think of some ways to ‘let it out’ which will work well for you.

…when you let it out, you can let it go…and trust me, you’ll end up feeling a whole lot better.

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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