Would you like to know how to reduce the worry, stress and anxiety in your life?

Would you like to know how to release stress, worry and anxiety? Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stHaving spoken to and worked with a significant number of women from all over the world, there are a few things that they all have in common.

One of these things is that every single one of them has something in her life that is causing her to worry, stress or have anxiety.

I’ve yet to find a woman anywhere in the world who has never experienced worry stress or anxiety of some form.

Every woman experiences some kind of worry, stress and anxiety…

Not only have I spoken to many women about this…I also happen to be a woman!

If I had a penny for every time I’ve worried about something, got stressed or felt anxious…I’d be one very wealthy woman by now!

From a passing thought about an upcoming deadline that interrupts my yoga practice, to a full scale meltdown over the stress of my job when I worked in the corporate world…me and anxiety have become well acquainted.

So I wanted to know how to release this worry, stress and anxiety…

Studies have found that women differ from men not only in their emotional responses to stress, but also that acute and chronic stress may take a greater toll on womens’ physical and mental health.

Just some of the symptoms that women suffer from with stress are: Reduced sex drive, irregular periods, acne breakouts, hair loss, poor digestion, depression, insomnia, weight gain and decreased fertility.

So finding ways to reduce and release any worry, stress and anxiety that you’re experiencing has got to be a good thing!

So today I share with you one really quick and easy tip to help you to release the stress, let go of the worry and say bye bye to anxiety:

The more you practice releasing the worry, stress and anxiety, the easier it becomes…

When we first begin doing this, it can seem a little challenging…after all we’ve been in the habit of worry, stress and anxiety for a long time!

So this week I invite you to notice any time that you are experiencing worry, stress and anxiety, and give it a go.

Practice it as often as you can and before you know it, it will be second nature!

…and if you know another woman who experiences worry, stress and anxiety, then I would love for you to share this article with her so that she can begin to practice it too…even better you can support each other along the way.

Find a friend you’d like to do this with and commit to sending each other a text, message, or email whenever you feel worry or stress coming up with what you’re focusing on in the moment to let it go.  It’ll mean you have some support along the way, and you get to share ideas for what to be grateful for in the moment!

Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

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