Your Unique Femininity Formula – Do you need to get into your heart?

Your Unique Femininity Formula - Do you need to get into your Heart? - Claire Brummell, Feminine 1stAs we’ve talked about before, these days women spend a lot of days stuck in their heads.

We are distracted and overwhelmed by a never-ending to do list that leaves us caught in our minds analysing, over-analysing, planning, thinking and organising.

There is so much to do and so many people to help, support and please that we don’t ever seem to have any downtime from it in order to relax and take a holiday from our permanent residence in our brains to explore the other areas of the body to visit.

Have you forgotten about your heart?

The real problem with getting caught in our heads is that it cuts us off from the other areas of the body, and then distracts us into staying there.

We spend an endless amount of hours worrying about the things that have happened in the past.  What happened, how did it happen, how could if have been different?

We constantly think about all the things we need to do right now.  What do I do next, what is the priority, what could wait (for now)?

…and we are continually concerned about the future.  What if this happens, what if that happens, if I did this, then what would the outcome be, how can I get the result I’m looking for?

It’s exhausting, and it cuts us off from experiencing what we’re feeling in the here and now.

Do you need to reconnect with your heart?

As we know, the head is a very masculine place to be, and conversely the heart is connected with the feminine.

Masculinity is about logic, femininity is about emotion.

But women have spent so much time being told “Don’t get so emotional”, “You’re so sensitive”, “Big girls don’t cry” and a variety of other common remarks that we’ve made our natural emotional connection wrong.

When we disconnect from our heart and our emotions, we disconnect with the truth of who we are.

…so today I want to share with you a little reminder about getting into your heart, and some ideas for how to begin:

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So would you like to know how you can get into your heart?

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Stay Fabulous,

Claire x

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