The Feminine Way to Business Success – Recognition & Reward – Day 29 of the Youtube Challenge

Day 29 of the Youtube challenge!

We all know how nice it is to be recognised and acknowledged when we’ve done something well…so why is it so often overlooked in a business environment? It’s important to understand how taking the time to recognise and reward the people around us can make a huge difference to the success of your business. Watch the video to find out more:

So, in the past have you made enough time to recognise and reward the people around you? What difference do you think that making the effort to recognise and reward the people around you would have on the success of your business?

I’d love to know what you are going to do differently to recognise and reward the people in and around your business, so leave me a comment below, drop me a message on Facebook or tweet me “@Feminine1st”.

Looking forward to sharing tomorrow’s tip with you…

In the meantime, Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

P.S. If you missed yesterday’s video on “Balance of Giving and Receiving” you can find it here:

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  1. Heather Waring
    Heather Waring says:

    Claire, I feel that if big business was taking on many of these tips as we in small business try hard to do, then staff turnover would be much less and people there would be happier in their roles. It’s not only money that drives people, it’s appreciation and being valued.

    • Claire
      Claire says:

      Heather, I couldn’t agree more with you…hopefully I will be able to spread the word and help more of these companies to do just that! 🙂


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