The Feminine Way to Business Success – Emotions in Business – Day 30 of the Youtube Challenge

Day 30 of the Youtube challenge!

Over the last few years women have got the message that emotions and business don’t mix. We’ve been told to ‘check our emotions at the door’ and ‘don’t get emotional’. While at times these are helpful pieces of advice, on the whole I have to say that I disagree. Would you like to know why emotions are key to the success of your business? Watch the video to find out more:

So, in the past have you made the most of the emotions which will help your business succeed? What difference do you think that harnessing these positive emotions would have on the success of your business?

Today is due to be the last day of the 30 day YouTube challenge, but be sure to subscribe to the Feminine 1st Youtube Channel, because tomorrow I will be uploading an extra BONUS video that you won’t want to miss! Subscribe here now:

I’d love to know what you are going to do differently to harness and utilise the emotions which will move your business forward, so leave me a comment below, drop me a message on Facebook or tweet me “@Feminine1st”.

Looking forward to sharing tomorrow’s tip with you…

In the meantime, Stay Fabulous!

Claire x

P.S. If you missed yesterday’s video on “Intuition” you can find it here:

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